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Sneak Peek


          The purpose of the Yale Psychology “Sneak Peek” program is to provide underrepresented undergraduates and recent graduates who may potentially pursue an advanced degree in psychology with an opportunity to get an “inside look” into psychology PhD programs, to gain support in preparing a successful application to such a program, and to make connections with current graduate students and faculty who can continue to support them should they choose to apply to and attend a doctoral program in Psychology.


         Students from groups historically underrepresented in higher education – namely, Black, Latinx, and Native students – often face barriers to advancement through academia’s “pipeline.” Students from underrepresented groups often face inhospitable institutional climates, are disproportionately burdened by financial obligations, and frequently have less “insider knowledge” and fewer “insider connections” than their White counterparts. As such, the ins and outs of doctoral programs, along with their admissions processes and acceptance criteria (i.e. the "hidden curriculum"), are often largely unknown to students without family members, friends, or close mentors who have successfully advanced through such programs. Underrepresented students may also feel less empowered than their White peers to take advantage of mentoring and career development resources that are provided by their schools. We hope Sneak Peek can help underrepresented trainees overcome some of these challenges. 

          We intentionally do not accept Yale undergraduates to this program, as undergraduates at Yale already have a number of opportunities to learn about psychology graduate programs and gain research experience at an elite institution. We instead ensure that this opportunity is advertised at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs). We also advertise to students at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) – and public universities in particular – as underrepresented students at PWIs may feel especially marginalized within their institutions and may lack access to the sorts of diversity-focused mentoring and career development resources that students at HBCUs, HIS, and TCUs have. Interested students are required to complete a formal application including a personal statement, CV, academic transcript, and a letter of recommendation.



Before you apply...


Q. When is the application due?

Q. When is the program? How long is the program?

Q. Is there an application fee?

Q. Do you need letters of recommendation in order to apply?

Q. How many people are admitted to Sneak Peek?

Q. If I attend Sneak Peek, will it increase my chances of admission to Yale's Psychology program?

Q. Who is eligible to apply for Sneak Peek?

Q. What happens after I submit my application?

Q. Can I apply to Sneak Peek more than once?

Q. I'm not sure I want to go to graduate school. Is Sneak Peek the right program for me at this stage?

Q. What kind of accessibility accommodations does Sneak Peek offer for attendees?

Before you decide...

Q. Who sponsors Sneak Peek?

Q. How do you match mentors and mentees?

Q. Does the program grant course credit?

Q. Can I defer my acceptance into Sneak Peek?



"I couldn't do it without Sneak Peek! Both of my mentor (shout out to Amanda and Marlene) and the organizers were super helpful, friendly, genuine, and supportive! I think that culture greatly boosted my confidence in applying to grad programs as a first-gen student. All the steps to complete an application seemed less intimidating, and that increased my interest in applying to grad school because I had the confidence that I can do it."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"Sneak Peek gave me the tools to create successful application for graduate school. I am very thankful for the 1:1 mentorship and helpful monthly meetings." 

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"I can say that my interest in applying to graduate programs in Psychology has changed significantly after my participation in Sneak Peek. The support and guidance I received were invaluable, and it has opened my eyes to the vast array of opportunities available in this field.  During Sneak Peek, I was offered assistance with my CV, which allowed me to highlight my skills and experience in a way that was tailored to the field of Psychology. Additionally, the program helped me search for appropriate graduate programs and courses that were well-suited for my interests and career goals.  One aspect that stood out to me was the opportunity to choose between the research and clinical streams, as well as the industrial route. This gave me a comprehensive understanding of the different paths available in the field of Psychology and helped me make an informed decision about my future career.  Overall, my participation in Sneak Peek has not only deepened my interest in applying to graduate programs in Psychology but has also given me the confidence to pursue my passion in this field. I am grateful for the support and guidance provided during the program and look forward to continuing my journey in Psychology."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"After meeting with more grad students, I learn more about how does the academic lives look like. And I really enjoy the atmosphere (inclusive, motivational, and informative), which makes me want to dive into more in academia."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"Shoutout to my mentor Michelle!!! She is truly a superstar and the best mentor I can ever imagine. We met biweekly during the application process and I always got so much out of it each meeting. Michelle walked me through my SOP, diversity statement, interview skills, and answered all my questions very clearly. Meanwhile, she's so empathetic and genuine that I opened up to her immediately. Our meetings were a mix of working & support/empowering session, which I really appreciate. I would not be able to make it without her, and I felt so privileged to be able to work with her. Thank you Sneak Peek for connecting me with this wonderful human being!!!

I also found the events very helpful, especially the PS workshop. I hope it was more structured but it turned out really great!

Last but not least, I love the support from Lucinda and Megha. They always sent out kind reminder emails and engaged all the participants in Slack.

I really love this program in general and believe that it will help so many people with their apps and career paths. Thank you for preparing the surprise gifts!! I appreciate all the time and effort you put in the program!!"

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"I feel like I understand the ins and outs of graduate school a lot better, and I have a clearer picture of what it consists of from being able to learn from graduate students and doing my own research to prepare for applications/interviews."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"Pairing me up with an mentor and fostering our connection really sets this program apart from others. If I wanted to find someone to give onetime feedback on my personal statement or CV, there are tons of similar programs out there can help with this. But they cannot provide a person who understands my goals really well and helps me make important life decisions."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

"The 1:1 mentorship was amazing! I REALLY appreciated my mentor's thoughtful feedback on materials and her quick response rate."

-Sneak Peek Mentee, Cohort of 2023

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For more information on applying to graduate school, also see our Bootcamp initiative here.

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